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The Ontario Federation of Secondary Schools Athletic Association held their finals on May 30th, 31st and June 1st at the University of Toronto Scarborough Tennis Centre and Mayfair Racquet Club East.

Competition is held at two levels. The Open level is for players who compete in tennis competition on a regular basis outside of the school program and have a high OTA ranking.  The High School Level is for players who play at a recreational level.

Rogers TV recorded the High School Boys Singles, High School Girls Singles, Open Boys Singles, and Open Girls Singles Finals.  These matches were televised on Sunday June 5th between 2 and 5 pm in Toronto.  

 Pictured here L to R are Spencer Robertson, Cindy Phair (Coach) and Michael Orrett who took the 4th place in High School Boys Doubles. Thanks to Todd Orrett for the photo. Other photos of the event can be found on the OFSAA Facebook page.
The winning players and teams were:-

High School Boys Singles
 GOLD:  Carr Norton (CISAA) - Upper Canada College, SILVER:  Georg Zoidl (YRAA) - St. Maximillian Kolbe, BRONZE:  Keenan Conlon (CISAA)- Upper Canada College, ANTIQUE BRONZE: Bryn Hafer (ROPSSAA) - Lorne Park S.S.
 High School Girls Singles
 GOLD:  Paige Baynham (WOSSA) - H.B. Beal SS, SILVER:  Megan Gilkes (CISAA) - Holy Trinity School, BRONZE: Mara Stroe (LOSSA) - J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate, ANTIQUE BRONZE: Briahn Guthrie (GBSSA) - Eastview S.S.
High School Boys Doubles
GOLD:  Matt Gibson/Victor Guziak (WOSSA) - London Central,SILVER:  John Fischer/Luke Fischer (WOSSA) - Stratford Central,BRONZE:  Jordan Welter/Sam Finkelstein (TDSSAA) - Lawrence Park,ANTIQUE BRONZE:  Spencer Robertson/Michael Orrett (LOSSA) - Henry Street High School.
High School  Girls Doubles                                                                                                                    GOLD:  Victoria Tseng Paepcke/ Rachel Navarro (ROPSSAA) - Lorne Park S.S., SILVER:  Zante Botha/Charee Botha (WOSSA) - Mother Teresa CSS, BRONZE:  Catherine Rastin/Clara Rastin (SWOSSAA) - St. Patrick's, ANTIQUE BRONZE:   Sasha Malesevic/Ivana Milisic (CWOSSA) - Cameron Heights CI.
High School Mixed Doubles
 GOLD:  Meg Killeen/ Lachlan Carmichael (TDSSAA) -Lawrence Park, SILVER: Madeleine Swenor/Bryn de Chastelain (GHAC) - Georgetown District HS, BRONZE: Alyssia Watkin/John Karakas (CISAA) - Appleby College, ANTIQUE BRONZE: Yigit Gedikli/Rachel Mendelson (TDSSAA) - Forest Hill.
 Open Boys Singles
 GOLD:  Jakob Nielsen (CISAA) - Appleby College, SILVER: Peter Coombs  (GHAC) - Oakville Trafalgar HS, BRONZE:  Nathan Wong (GHAC) - White Oaks Secondary School, ANTIQUE BRONZE: Eric Chernly (TDCAA) - Michael Power.
 Open Girls Singles
 GOLD:  Rebecca Herrington (GBSSA) - Banting Memorial H.S., SILVER:  Mya Bui (LOSSA) - Pickering High School, BRONZE:  Victoria DiMuzio  (CWOSSA) - Bishop MacDonell H.S., ANTIQUE BRONZE: Ksenia Providokhina (YRAA) - Bill Crothers S.S.
 Open Boys Doubles
 GOLD:  Roy Stepanov/ Malik Bhatnagar (GHAC) - Robert Bateman, SILVER: DJ Fenerty/ Shane Bulitka (WOSSA) - St. Andre Bessette, BRONZE: Brooks Coffey/ Alp Tezol (TDSSAA) - North Toronto, ANTIQUE BRONZE: Spencer Grant/ Mark Jensen (GHAC) - Oakville Trafalgar High School.
 Open Girls Doubles
 GOLD:   Alexandra Mikhailuk/ Angela Chen (GHAC) - Nelson High School, SILVER:  Stephanie Afloroaei/ Alicia Opatowski (LOSSA) - Dunbarton High School, BRONZE:  Sofia Miller/ Rita Kanaeva (TDSSAA) - Malvern, ANTIQUE BRONZE:  Nina Zhang/ Lily Zhang (SWOSSAA) -Vincent Massey.
 Open Mixed Doubles
GOLD:  Rita Colyer/ Luke Smrek  (GHAC) - Robert Bateman, SILVER:  Marko Kazar/ Elizabeth Rozin (TDSSAA) - Lawrence Park, BRONZE:  Mia Tamindzija/ Ryan MacLean (CWOSSA) - Resurrection C.S.S., ANTIQUE BRONZE:  Gabrielle Oancea/ Andrew Codita (LOSSA) - Dunbarton High School.

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