Saturday, June 18, 2016



In the short grass season leading up to Wimbledon there has been a lot of interest in the decision made by Milos Raonic to add John McEnroe to his team as a coach on the grass.

Milos's singles career has already broken so many records for a Canadian player, but there is one milestone or accomplishment that would outstrip them all - to win a Grand Slam Singles Championship.  Now when you look at which Grand Slam is best suited to Milos's strengths you have to think it is Wimbledon, where there have been several champions who have relied on their height and their big serve as the main weapons in their arsenal.  

Everybody loves Milos for his preppy good looks, his modesty, his all round nice guy demeanour.  John McEnroe on the other hand is almost the antithesis of Milos. He gained a reputation for being a mouthy brat and, if he hadn't been such a talented and intuitive player, he would probably have been forgotten. But the big question is can John McEnroe infuse Milos with the spark, the creativity, the intuition and the magic he needs to reach that next level and win Wimbledon?

The web site  is doing a great job of following this exciting story. Milos has passed the first hurdle, he beat his recent nemesis, Kyrgios, in the first round of the Queens Club tournament. We thought you'd like to follow our local hero as he tries to make history on those green and pleasant courts. 

Check out these videos taken at Queens Club of Milos' practice and highlights of his match
with Kyrgios.