Saturday, June 18, 2016



The 2016 National Selection Process involves National Selection Tournaments as well as the Provincial Championships. Each player can accumulate selection points through these tournaments. There are 2 indoor and 2 outdoor designated national selection events (4 star) offered for each category at a 4 star value. At National Selection events the top 16 players will receive direct entry with another 16 spots being available for qualifiers. Players will receive ranking points for qualifying/feed up events and consolation. Consistent with the rest of the country, these national selection events are rated at 60% of the Provincial Championships.
Several national selection events were held early in June. Because of inclement weather on Sunday June 5th some of these events have yet to be completed.

U12 Boys and Girls at Credit Valley Tennis Club, June 3-5
Girls Singles Winner: Sarah Liu, Finalist: Iulia Cristina Bucea, Semi-finalists: Maria Popova, Dharani Niroshan.
Girls Doubles Winners: Arina Artemyeva & Sarah Liu, Finalists: Dharani Niroshan & Amelie Gal   (see photo L to R, courtesy Kevin Liu)
Boys Singles Winner: Stefan Simeunovic (Oakville), Finalist: Adrian Smith, Semi-finalists: Owen Dunn, Alexander Matros.
BD Semis and Final to be completed June 26th.

U16 Girls at Palgrave Tennis Club, June 3-5

Girls Singles Winner: Viktoriya Tabunshchyk, Finalist: Daniela Voloh, Semi-finalists: Rita Colyer Kailen Galazka.
Girls Doubles Winners: Corina Spasojevic & Viktoriya Tabunshchyk, Finaists: Kailen Glazka & Oleksandra Gorchanyuk

U16 Boys at University of Toronto Scarborough Tennis Centre, June 3-5

Singles Finalists: Liam Draxl,  Ryan Navarro, Semi-finalists: Ethan Meanchos Daniel Fainblum

U14 Girls at Mississauga Golf and Country Club, June 10-12

Girls Singles Winner: Corina Spasojevic, Finalist: Rachel Krzyzak, Semi-finalists: Kristen Borland, Rachel Hanford

Girls Doubles Winners: Alexia Di Giulio & Rachel Krzyzak, Finalists: Julia Kuszynski & Shirley Liang

U14 Boys at Rosedale Tennis Club, Hamilton, June 10-12

Singles Winner: Ilya Tirapolsky, Finalist: Joshua Lapadat, Semi-finalists: Marko Stakusic, Alvin Nicholas Tudorica

Doubles Winners: Joshua Lapadat & Alvin Nicholas Tudorica, Finalists: Erik Eliot Kovacs & Kevin Bence Kovacs

If you are interested in seeing the future of Canadian Tennis - come and watch the Ontario Junior Closed Provincials.  From June 27th to July 2nd the U12s and U16s will be playing at Kew Gardens Tennis Club and University of Toronto Scarborough Tennis Centre. While from July 4 to 9 the U18s and U14s will be playing at University of Toronto Scarborough, Pine Point TC and Veneto TC.