Monday, April 20, 2015


The OTA’s Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday April 11th at Rexall Centre.

The formal part of the meeting reviewed the Annual Report of the association, which showed the organization to be in sound financial shape. For the first time ever revenues of the association had exceeded $2 million and the grant portion of this revenue was the primary reason the revenue numbers had grown.

Other highlights of the report included summaries of the large number of kids who are being reached through the various programs the OTA runs or supports.  These include Capital Kids, the Sunshine Project, Kids Tennis, Schools Tennis and Little Aces among others. It is estimated that more than 130,000 kids and people have been introduced to tennis in 2014. Sanctioned tournament events also passed a milestone in 2014 with more than a thousand events being sanctioned across the province, with a significant increase in rookie events.

The following individuals were elected to the Board. Scott Fraser, President; Rob Nicholls, VP Finance & Administration, Dave Gervan, VP Membership & Regional Development; Tom Kern, VP Player Development; Dianne Weatherby, VP Marketing & Communications. Michel Lecavalier, Past President.

The following individuals, elected by their regions, were confirmed as directors. Scott Bartley, East Region; Philip Johnson, NCTA; Diane Kriksciunas, NYTA; Miro Ejem, North; Natalie Wong, STF; Wayne Saigeon, South West; Ed O’Shaughnessy, West; Alan Maguire, Tennis Toronto; Adrian Grice, West Central.

After the formal meeting presentations were made by the Philpott Foundation on their racquet recycling program and by representatives of the Rogers Cup, who outlined the deals that will be offered to OTA members.
Achievement Awards were made to the following clubs.  

North Burlington Tennis Club (Bruce Reid).  Who saved the club from being closed by using an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to completely rehabilitate the facility in all respects from the fencing to the net posts. The club also provides free tennis lessons to kid from Kilbride Public School (5 lesson series to 150 kids) in collaboration with the Public School Physical Education Department.

Newmarket Community Tennis Club (Laura Wilcox).  The club has a Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant to introduce 200 children aged 4 to 12 to tennis in two 8 week sessions.

O’Connor Hills Tennis Club (Helga Cuddy). In 2013 the club started a series of free adult beginner lessons supported by members who are TPA-certified. Graduates from this program are now playing in the singles ladder and participating in house league.

Thunder Bay Community Tennis Centre (Mark Piovesana). This organization has used a Ontario Sport and Recreation Community Fund grant  to provide a week long program to train 20 new volunteer instructors. They are also piloting a program to introduce seniors to tennis by offering pickleball at the facility in less busy times so they are exposed to the opportunities provided to play tennis. They have also upgraded their social media programs and their community outreach program has been run in Amethyst Harbour.

Two educational sessions were delivered to the attendees, one on Police Background Checks and one on Board Leadership Training.  The group were then invited to participate in some tennis in the bubble.

The photo shows the OTA staff as they get ready for a busy AGM weekend.

Friday, April 17, 2015


About the Rogers Cup Volunteer Program

The Rogers Cup Volunteer program has grown to more than a thousand volunteers, organized into 26 different committees. The committees are led by Committee Heads, some of whom are among the longest-standing volunteers. The longest serving volunteer has been with the event for 37 years .......and counting! Volunteers range in age from 12 to 90 years of age and have come from all parts of the globe to be a part of the event.

Although Rogers Cup only takes place once a year, Tennis Canada has a full-time team in the Volunteer Office, which is continually working to improve the program. With the integral role that our volunteers have in the tournament, we place a large amount of attention on recognizing our volunteers through various committee awards, a pin ceremony for years of service, mentions in tournament publications, and fun events throughout the entire year.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the world-class Rogers Cup Ballcrew?

Here are some things you need to know: 

 You must be between the ages of 12-14 to apply as a new member of ballcrew

 You will have to attend two mandatory tryout sessions during two weekends in May

 Tennis knowledge and skill are not mandatory, however knowledge of tennis scoring and basic rules is considered an asset

The first step to applying for ball crew will be filling out an online application, which will be available in early March. We hope to see you at the tryouts!

I want to be a Rogers Cup volunteer! Now what?

We ask that our volunteers are fluent in English, have basic customer-service skills, a friendly and professional demeanour, a willingness and ability to follow directions and policies as well as a commitment to making the tournament a wonderful experience for all involved. It's always a bonus if you have an interest in tennis!

Once you've submitted your application you will be asked to attend our Volunteer Fair! You can choose between one of two dates to attend, and they are May 6 and 9. There you will have an opportunity to sit with one of our current Committee Heads, who act as team leaders for our 25+ committees. It's an informal chat where you can express your interests and skill set so that we can find an area that would best fit.

If you are accepted onto the Rogers Cup volunteer team, you will be contacted by your Committee Head welcoming you to the team and asking your availability during the event. Based on that, you will be sent a schedule for the tournament. We ask that once a schedule has been created our volunteers keep their commitment.

From there, you will have a chance to be a part of our New Volunteer training as well as our Volunteer Orientation. That's where you will receive your uniform, Rogers Cup tickets and other pertinent information.

If you have any further questions about the volunteer process, please visit our FAQ on our website or email

Most importantly, get ready to have fun and be a part of the excitement at the Rogers Cup!


 The 50th Wilson Ontario Mixed Doubles will be held June 19 to 21, 2015 at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club. It is with much sadness that we have to announce that Marg Belfour (see photo in green), who has been such a staunch supporter and volunteer at the event ever since its inception in 1965, passed away on April 8th this year. Marg was always a modest and tireless worker in the background and in accordance with her wishes no funeral was held. Marg was one of a few key people who have been instrumental over the years.Marg and Tennis Canada’s seniors events coordinator Steve Stevens were responsible for first launching the event, Wilson Sports and Doug Coombs have been generous title sponsors for more than ten years and Michael McLoughlin has been involved in the organizing of the event for more than 30 years as Tournament Director. 

In 2013 this tournament was awarded Senior Tournament of the Year by Tennis Canada.The photo shows 
Doug Coombs, Mark Paklepa, Marg Balfour, Michael McLoughlin, Steve Stevens with Irwin Tobias receiving the award.

This year a new category has been a added, a combined age of 100 years or more event, which you can play in even if you are entered in one of the more traditional events and your body can survive playing that much. So if you have never played this great tournament – give it a shot this year! If you have played in the past, please come out and play for old times’ sake. If you’re a regular, please make a point of playing and making it the biggest and best ever weekend of mixed doubles!!  

For an entry form, please contact


March break means its time for our competitive juniors to take to the courts for the provincial indoors. Because these events can be held over several days it means that the event can have a full feed consolation and so the top 6 places for the event are determined.

Here are the top six singles players and the doubles champions and finalists for each group.  Congratulations to all who took part and particularly those who kept winning during a tough schedule.

U12 Boys: Marko Stakusic, Alex (Xiang) Lu, David Gauberg, Ashton Cross, Alessandro Sant’Angelo, Akhil Malik.  Spencer Keung & Stefan Simeunovic (Niagara), Marko Stakusic & Alex (Xiang) Lu.

U12 Girls: Daria Tomashevskaya, Rachel Krzyzak, Dasha Plekhanova, Teodora Tanasescu, Marina Stakusic, Victoria Mboko. Daria Tomashevskaya & Rachel Krzyzak, Dasha Plekhanova & Arina Artemyeva.

U14 Boys: Liam Draxl, Nick Lagaev, Daniel Fainblum, Ilya Tirapolsky, Ethan Meanchos, Isaac Ogilvy. Liam Draxl & Nick Lagaev, Daniel Fainblum & Ethan Meanchos.

U14 Girls: Ariana Arseneault, Daria Tomashevskaya, Jada Bui, Alexandra Arkhipov, Corina Spasojevic, Kailen Galazka. Ariana Arseneault & Jada Bui, Alexandra Arkhipov & Dasha Plekhanova.

U16 Boys: Ivan Mitric, Ryan Navarro, Zac Faveri, Paul Olteanu, Eric Cherniy, Jonathan Sorbo. Ryan Navarro & Sasha Pachnev, Ivan Mitric & Isaac Ogilvy.

U16 Girls: Brindtha Ramasamy, Nifemi Akinbiyi, Sofia Babych, Layne Sleeth, Anca Craciun, Rhea Verma. Brindtha Ramasamy & Anca Craciun, Mya Bui & Alisia Stephanie Manolescu.

U18 Boys: Sean Huynh, Ivan Mitric, Christian Lakoseljac, Eli Ogilvy, Adrian Mag, Clarke Wilson. Sean Huynh & Eli Ogilvy, Christian Lakoseljac & Clarke Wilson (see photo left to right).

U18 Girls: Maria Patrascu, Katarina Kopcalic, Natasha Irani, Sofija Zecevic, Savanna Ly, Alisia Stephanie Manolescu. Maria Patrascu & Natasha Irani, Katarina Kopcalic & Sofija Zecevic.

This year events were held at Ontario Racquet Club (U18s), White Oaks Tennis World, Niagara-on-the-Lake (U14s), ACE Burlington (U12s), Parkside Tennis Club Windsor (U16 boys), Veneto Centre Tennis Club (U16 girls) all of whom do a fabulous job of making the events enjoyable for the participants. Thanks go to these clubs for making the events special for our juniors!  


Shortly after the Provincials are completed nationals are held at various sites.  Congratulations go to Team Ontario U12s who took the top spot in the team event.

Outstanding results by Ontario players are listed here.

U 12s: Daria Tomashevskaya (S & D Champ), Rachel Krzyzak (S3 & D Champ): Ashton Cross (S & D Champ), Marko Stakusic (S2 & D Champ)

U14s: Sofiya Babych (S Champ & D2), Viktoriya Tabunshchyk (S3) Ariana Arseneault & Jada Bui (D Champs); Nick Lagaev (S2 & D2), Daniel Fainblum (S3 & D Champ), Luka Vukovic (D Champ), Liam Draxl (D2).

U16s: Maria Tanasescu (S2), Anca Craciun (S3 & D2), Sofiya Babych (D Champ), Rhea Verma (D2); Victor Krustev (S Champ).

U18s: Vanessa Wong (S Champ), Maria Patrascu (S2 & D Champ), Teona Velehorschi (S3 & D2), Natasha Irani (S4 & D2), Tina Kreinis (D Champ); Denis Shapovalov (S Champ), Alejandro Tabilo (S2), David Volfson (S4), Victor Krustev (D2).


Although most Ontario players choose to stay near home and play the Eastern Indoor Nationals a few venture out West to play in the Western version, which was held in Victoria, BC this year.  

In the Easterns, the women played at the Toronto Lawn and the younger Men at the Granite Club. The super-senior men played in Montreal.

Here are the notable performances from Ontario players in the Easterns.

O35 1. Kanta Murali. 2. Flora Karsai, 3. Mary Hall. 1. Flora Karsai & Sophie Ronan, 2. Liane Marr and Kanta Murali.

O40 1. Sophie Ronan, 2. Maya Bartram, 3. Patty Thornicroft. (see photo of Sophie and Maya, l and R of Irwin Tobias).

O45 1. Adrienne Simmons. 1. Arianne Boire & Kelly Dalton.

O50 1. Kelly Stobbe, 2. Kathy Mackie. 1. Diana Dimmer & Kelly Stobbe, 2. Sue Rosenthal & Akemi Seiriki.

O55 2. 1. Erin Boynton. 1. Erin Boynton & Diana Dimmer.

O60 1. Christa Cameron, 2. Sue Bye, 3. Frances Critchley. 1. Sue Bye and Christa Cameron, 2. Marg Lansens Smeenk & Peggy Stoddart.

O65 1. Mary Ann Gaskin, (see photo below) 2. Cathie Joyce, 3. Diane Howarth

O70 2. Jane Seed & Louise Langston

O75 1. Evelyn Hustwit, 2. Micheine Trussel, 3. Joan Bradich

O35 1. Adam Fisher 3. Giovanni Schiavo. 1. Adam Fisher & Giovanni Schiavo, 2. Carlos Lopez & Mike Thomson.

O40 1. Ben Woo. 2. Andrew Oxner, 3.Scott Jeffreys. 1. Ben Woo (& Alexandre Blattler), Karl Hale & Andrew Oxner.

O45 1. Karl Hale, 3. Dan Deangelis. 1. Glenn Ryan & Mike Thomson, 2. David Colapinto & Chris Healing.

O50 1. Gary Meanchos, 2. Graham Watt, 3. Mohsen Harandizadeh. 1. Mohsen Harandizadeh & Abbas Khiltash, 2. Rosti Brankovsky & Owen Pellew.

O55 1. Colin McAlpin, 2. Abbas Khiltash.  1. Fraser Macdonald & Owen Pellew, 2. Kevin Green & Colin McAlpin.

O60 1. Jim Cameron. 1. Jim Cameron and Dennis Ing

O65 1. John Tibbits (& Allard Cote)

O70 1. John Tibbits, 2. Shaheer Mikhail.  1. Shaheer Mikhail (& Claude Savaria)

And the few who went west.......

O50 2.Imran Syed. 1. Imran Syed (& Paul Keith)

O65 2. John Payne. 2. John Payne (& Joe Forrayi)

O65 1. Mary Ann Gaskin. (see photo) 2. Coby Dommasch