Friday, July 17, 2015


The Wilson Ontario Senior Mixed Doubles celebrated it's 50 anniversary with a great weekend of tennis at the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club on June 19 to 21.  More than 115 players competed in age category events, Over 30,40 50.60 and 70 as well as a special century (total age 100) event. This was so successful that the organizers plan to keep the same entire format for next year.
The winners and finalists were as follows:
Junior Masters: Karla Mancinas and Kevin Chang; Leigh Bradwell and Ravi Mehta. Consolation:Mariam AlShikarchy and Matt Vrooman; Suzan Reisman and Andrew Podnieks.
Seniors: Jennifer Bishop and Jason Christie; Julie Staples and Garrett Prins. Consolation: Lesley McCLure and David Lee; Nancy Behm and Eugen Malea.
Masters: Pauline Noteboom and Owen Pellew; Kelly Stobbe and Paul Kingston. Consolation: Martina and Rosti Brankovsky; Linda Love and Dennis Ing.
Grand Masters: Anke Magnus and Jim Boyce; Mary Ann Gaskin and John Payne. Consolation: Margie Lansens and Ryan Treffers; Varda Jourdan and Christopher Albertyn.
Legends: Christine Kingsley and Peter White; Inge and Guido Weber. Consolation: Gerti and Gerhard Weiss; Ingrid Moore and Bob Awrey.
Century: Jennifer Bishop and Joe Murphy; Jane Mitchell and Coulter Wright. Consolation: Leigh and Norm Bradwell; Heather and Ian Cruickshank.
Thanks to Mike McLoughlin and his daughter, Stephanie, Ravi Mehta, Kelly Stobbe and everyone at the Toronto Lawn who helped make the event a great success and to Doug Coombs of Wilson Sports for their sponsorship and the racquet bags which were a gift to all participants.

Unfortunately, Steve Stevens was unable to amuse us with one of his speeches at the Saturday evening dinner but I’m sure he would have been delighted to see so many people attending this event.  He was able to come to the club on Sunday to watch some of the finals (see photo above with the winners of the seniors and junior masters).