Friday, July 17, 2015


The Miele Ontario Senior Provincial Championships were held July 8 to 12 at three clubs around the GTA.  The young seniors (over 35 to Over 45) played at Lambton Golf and Country Club, the seniors (over 50 to over 60) played at Bayview Golf and Country Club and the super-seniors (over 65 to over 85) played at Missisauga Golf and Country Club.

The Champions and finalists for all the events are listed below.  For singles events the two semi-finalists are listed. Where the results were determined in round robin play the top 3 are listed in order.

Particular congratulations to those players who won two titles, like Paula Myslivecek who won over 40 singles and over 35 doubles, Sergey Borodulin – over 60 singles and doubles, Erin Boynton and Kerry Mitchell who both won over 50 and over 55 singles and Fraser Macdonald and Owen Pellew who won over 50 and over 55 doubles.  

Pictured here are women’s over 55 doubles finalists and champions. Left to right: Akemi Seiriki, Sue Rosenthal, Janice Hebert and Susanna Sekely.

Thanks to our host clubs and their staff for putting on these events, particularly at a time when the city is focussed on the Pan Am Games.

A quick reminder to all seniors out there!  Friday July 17th  is the last date for entries for the Steve Stevens Senior National Championships in Montreal.  To enter now click on Steve Stevens Senior Nationals

Men’s Singles  O35 Dave Rowat, Giovanni Schiavo. Semis: Howard Blitstein, Joshua Burnett
Men’s Doubles  O35 Miron Cehajic & Peter Giacomelli, Dino Ferrari  & Elio Monaco
Women’s Singles O35 Kanta Murali,  Liane Marr,  Carolina Carvalho
Men’s Singles  O40 George Virich, Ivan Balic. Semis:  Giovanni Schiavo, Donovan Halliburton
Women’s Singles O40 Paula Myslivecek, Jennifer Bishop. Semis: Sharon Yermus, Patty Thornicroft
Women’s Doubles O 35/40 Paula Myslivecek & Jennifer Bishop,  Liane Marr & Kanta Murali
Men’s Singles  O45 Mike O’Neill, Jorey Middlestadt. Semis: Dan Deangelis, Ivan Balic
Men’s Doubles  O45 Colin Doll & Mike O’Neill, Davif Ellison & Eliot Macdonald
Women’s Singles O45 Janet Hofstra, Nancy Lin, Eva Miller
Women’s Doubles O45 Marijan Lindsay & Eva Miller, Sandra Cimetta & Pam Killeen

Men’s Singles  O50 Kerry Mitchell, Don Haliburton. Semis: Colin Doll, Geoff Bower
Men’s Doubles  O50  Fraser Macdonald & Owen Pellew, Robert Donders & James Henkelman
Women’s Singles O50 Erin Boynton, Janet Bulger. Semis: Cathy Mackie, Kelly Stobbe
Women’s Doubles O50 Pam Killeen & Nicola Von Schroeter,  Stacey Arbeiter & Cindy O’Doherty
Men’s Singles  O55  Kerry Mitchell, Paul Bedard. Semis: James Boyce, Derek Prada
Men’s Doubles  O55 Fraser Macdonald & Owen Pellew, Robert Beaudin & Derek Prada
Women’s Singles O55 Erin Boynton, Susanna Sekely. Semis: Janice Hebert, Charlotte Deheinrich
Women’s Doubles O55  Janice Hebert & Susanna Sekely, Sue Rosenthal & Akemi Seiriki
Men’s Singles  O60  Sergey Borodulin, Barry Goman. Semis: Barnaby Kalan, Joe Del Corso
Men’s Doubles  O60  Sergey Borodulin & Rosti Brankovsky, James Boyce & Dennis Ing
Women’s Singles O60 Michelle Hall, Frances Critchley, Charlotte Deheinrich

Men’s Singles  O65 Terry Redvers, Peter Bonfa. Semis: Peter Gonda, John Payne
Men’s Doubles  O65 Peter Bonfa & Peter Gonda,  John Payne & Terry Redvers
Men’s Singles  O70  John Tibbits, Hani Ayoub. Semis: Bob Bedard, William Berry
Men’s Doubles  O70 Hani Ayoub & John Yeomans, William Berry & Guido Weber
Women’s Singles O70 Gisela Nouisser, Christine Kingsley. Semis: Anne Rungi, Claude Cherniak
Women’s Doubles O70  Christine Kingsley & Anne Rungi, Marlene Dermastja & Gisela Nouisser
Men’s Singles  O75  Guido Weber, Adrian Grice. Semis: Bob Awrey, Cecil Stokoe
Men’s Doubles  O75 Bob Martin & William Rankin, Adrian Grice & John Swinden
Men’s Singles O80  Henry Prusinowski, Bogard Messow, William Webster
Men’s Doubles  O80 Henry Prusinowski & William Webster,  Richard Arnold & Morton Katz
Men’s Singles  O85 Richard Arnold, Steve Glavin

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