Friday, July 17, 2015


The Ontario Outdoor Junior Closed Provincial Championships were held in the two weeks leading up to July 4th.  Thanks to the Kew Gardens Tennis Club, the Donalda Club, the Veneto Club, Thornhill Golf and Country Club and the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus for hosting these events.

Congratulations to all of those who qualified for the event and for your participation.  There is some very impressive tennis played at this event. The top 6 singles players (all singles events have full feed in consolation) and the doubles champions and finalists are list here.

U12 Girls’ Singles:  Dasha Plekhanova, Samantha Horwood, Jessica Luisa Alsola, Ana Grubor, Marina Stakusic, Sheena Karrasch
U12 Girls’ Doubles: Sheena Karrasch & Samantha Horwood, Arina Artemyeva & Dasha Plekhanova

U12 Boys’ Singles: Akhil Malik, David Gauberg, Alessandro Sant’Angelo, Oscar Roy, Spencer Keung, Kirill Chepushtanov
U12 Boys’ Doubles: David Gauberg & Stefano Liokossis, Oscar Roy & Matei Vucenovic

U14 Girls’ Singles: Ariana Arseneault, Jade Bui, Alisia Stephanie Manolescu, Sofia Kostirko, Corina Spasojevic, Natasha Sengphrachanh
U14 Girls’ Doubles: Jade Bui & Ariana Arseneault, Corina Spasojevic & Alisia Stephanie Manolescu (see photo from right to left as they start a new tradition for trophy photos)

U14 Boys’ Singles: Liam Draxl, Alex Oancea, Ethan Meanchos, Ilya Tirapolsky, Dan Pergel, Joshua Cadiz-Ramcharitar
U14 Boys’ Doubles: Ethan Meanchos & Liam Draxl, Isaac Ogilvy & Ilya Tirapolsky

U16 Girls’ Singles: Layne Sleeth, Alisia Stephanie Manolescu, Daniela Voloh, Sofia Kostirko, Ariana Arseneault, Corina Spasojevic
U16 Girls’ Doubles: Ariana Arseneault & Layne Sleeth, Natasha Irani & Emma Miceli

U16 Boys’ Singles: Liam Draxl, Ivan Mitric, Zac Faveri, Paul Olteanu, Peter Kuszynski, Ryan Navarro
U16 Boys’ Doubles: Liam Draxl & Ryan Navarro, Zac Faveri & Ivan Mitric

U18 Girls’ Singles: Natasha Irani, Anca Craciun, Sofiya Babych, Rhea Verma, Ines Milosevic, Katarina Kopcalic

U18 Girls’ Doubles: Katarina Kopcalic & Ines Milosevic, Anca Craciun & Natasha Irani

U18 Boys’ Singles: Clarke Wilson, Ivan Mitric, Brett Stinson, Sean Huynh, Eli Ogilvy, Marc Isaia
U18 Boys’ Doubles: Sean Huynh & Eli Ogilvy, Clarke Wilson & Nemanja Guzina

Jade Bui receives the Bruce Birmingham Fair Play Award from Betty Birmingham with Jim Boyce (L) and Kartikk Vyas (R)

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