Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The Ontario Junior Indoor Championships were played during March break at 5 sites around the province.  Thanks go to the staff and volunteers at ACE in Burlington, Ontario Racquet Club in Mississauga, Parkside Tennis Club, Windsor, Ottawa Athletic Club and The Club at Whiteoaks, Niagara on the Lake.
The top 6 singles players and the doubles champions and finalists are listed here.

Under 12 Girls
Singles: Jessica Louisa Alsola, Marina Stakusic, Cadence Brace, Kayla Alexandra Cross, Dasha Plekhanova, Victoria Mboko.
Doubles: Kayla Alexandra Cross & Marina Stakusic, Amelie Gal & Dharani Niroshan.
Under 12 Boys
Singles: Stefan Simeunovic (Niagara), Spencer Keung, Adrian Smith, Stefan Simeunovic (Oakville), Matthew Overvelde, Kirill Chepushtanov.
Doubles: Stefan Simeunovic (Niagara) & Spencer Keung, Matthew Overvelde & Sasha Rozin.

Under 14 Girls
Singles: Rachel Krzyzak, Rachel Hanford, Corina Spasojevic, Dasha Plekhanova, Kristen Borland, Maya Perkucin.
Doubles: Rachel Hanford & Kristen Borland, Rachel Krzyzak & Corina Spasojevic.
Under 14 Boys
Singles: Joshua Lapadat, Ilya Tirapolsky, Trevor Masi, Christopher Heck, Alvin Nicholas Tudorica, Marko Stakusic.
Doubles:Trevor Masi & Ilya Tirapolsky, Joshua Lapadat & Alvin Nicholas Tudorica.

Under 16 Girls
Singles: Viktoriya Tabunshchyk, Natasha Sengphrachanh, Alisia Stephanie Manolescu, Jada Bui, Sofia Kostirko, Corina Spasojevic.
Doubles: Rita Colyer & Natasha Sengphrachanh, Camille Duggal & Sarah Hickey.
Under 16 Boys
Singles: Ryan Navarro, Daniel Fainblum, Liam Draxl, Nick Lagaev, Ethan Meanchos, Peter Kuszynski.
Doubles: Liam Draxl & Ryan Navarro, Daniel Fainblum & Peter Kuszynski.

Under 18 Girls
Singles: Brindtha Ramasamy, Alisia Stephanie Manolescu, Anca Craciun, Anna Philp, Viktoriya Tabunshchyk, Natasha Irani.
Doubles: Ariana Arseneault & Kailen Galazka, Oleksandra Gorchanyuk & Ines Milosevic.
Under 18 Boys
Singles: Luke Smrek, Ryan Navarro, Ivan Mitric, Jakob Nielsen, Clarke Wilson, Liam Draxl.
Doubles: Malik Bhatnagar & Ivan Mitric, Luke Smrek & Roy Stepanov.

Indoor Nationals
Since the Indoor provincials were played, several of these youngsters went to Indoor Nationals and placed well.  Some of their results are listed here.

U12 Doubles champions:  Dasha Plekhanova & Maria Popova, finalists: Sarah Lui & Victoria Mboko Dasha also placed 3 in singles.
U14 Boys Singles champion: Joshua Lapadat, 3rd:Alvin Nicholas Tudorica. Doubles champions: Joshua and Alvin.  
U14 Girls Singles champion:  Jada Bui, 3rd :Corina Spasojevic,  4th: Rachel Krzyzak . Doubles finalists:  Jada and Rachel.
U16 Boys Doubles champions: Liam Draxl & Ryan Navarro. 
U 16 Girls Singles Champion: Ariana Arseneault,  3rd “ Alisia Stephanie Manolescu . Doubles Champions   Ariana and Jada Bui (see photo), finalist:Rachel Krzyzak (& Elodie Petrecca of Quebec)
U 18 Boys Singles champion: Christian Lakoseljac . Doubles champions: Christian with Victor Krustev. 
U18 Girls Singles finalist: Vanessa Wong, 3rd :Natasha Sengphrachanh, 4th : Ines Milosevic. Doubles champion: Isabelle Boulais (with Kirsten Prelle of Alberta).