Thursday, June 18, 2015


  Not to be confused with Davis Cup, the Davisville Cup is the Davisville Tennis Club's annual charity tournament. It is the highlight of the tennis season and is all about having fun and giving back to the community! This year the theme for teams was Nethitz and many different hit TV shows were represented on June 6th when the event was held. 

More than $14,000 was raised this year. All the proceeds go to the Philpott Inner-City Tennis Fund, which provides free tennis camps to children in Toronto's inner-city neighbourhoods, bringing the total raised by the Davisville Cup over nine years to more than $110,000.
Thanks go to the teams who so well represented the hit shows like Mad Men (the winning team), Orange is the New Black, Trailer Park Boys, Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy. 

 Congratulations to Heather Brooks and Doug Porter for their efforts in organizing such a successful and fun event. 

For more photos check out the Davisville Tennis Club FB page.  For more information on the Philpott Fund check out .