Friday, October 10, 2014


The Intercounty Tennis Association celebrated another hectic league season with their annual playoffs at Rexall Centre on Saturday September 13th, but rain delayed the playoffs to Sunday September 14th for all except the Junior League. For the teams that had played on Tuesdays it had been a frustrating year because of the rain and rain interrupted the playoffs as well so that only the Mixed and Junior leagues completed their matches. In the mixed league playoffs Credit Valley beat Dentonia in the Majors division, Sir Winston Churchill beat Parkway Valley in A, Headwaters took B honours from Swansea and Milton proved themselves the best of the Cs against Bayview Village. In the junior league playoffs all the boys and mixed division leaders also won the playoffs. Including Newmarket who beat the Credit Valley Warriors (see photo) in the playoffs of the Boys Majors Division. The girls of Richmond Hill beat the girls of Swansea in a playoff between the two divisions.
Congratulations to the teams from the following clubs for winning their divisions in regular play for 2014.

MIXED LEAGUE: Majors: Dentonia. A Centre: Davisville. A East: German Mills. A North: Richmond Hill LTC. A West: Howard Park. B Centre East: Seneca Hill. B Centre West: James Gardens. B East: Tam Heather. B High Park: Swansea. B North: Agincourt. B South East: Davisville. B West: Headwaters. B York: Richmond Hill LTC. C Centre: Howard Park. C Centre East: Bayview. C East: North York. C High Park: Rosethorn. C North: Aurora. C South East: Davisville. C West: Milton. C York: Richmond Hill LTC.

LADIES LEAGUE: Majors East: Richmond Hill LTC. Majors West: Wallace Park. A East: Tournament Park. A Centre: Richmond Hill LTC. A Mid West: Mayfair West. A West: Ontario Racquet Club. B East: Hillcrest. B Centre: Richmond Hill CC. B North: Nobleton. B Mid West: Lambton. B West: Whiteoaks Park. B2 Thursday East: Aurora. B2 Thursday Centre: Pine Point.

55 PLUS LEAGUE: Div 1 East: Ajax. Div 1 West: Brampton. Div 2 Centre: Richmond Hill. Div 2 North: Newmarket. Div 2 West: Whiteoaks Park.
JUNIOR LEAGUES: Boys Majors: Newmarket. Boys A1 East: Leaside. Boys A1 West: Swansea. Boys A2 East: Unionville. Boys A2 West: Headwaters. Girls East: Richmond Hill LTC. Girls West: Swansea. Mixed Majors: Tam Heather. Mixed A: Newmarket.

And a hearty thank you to the Intercounty Tennis Association Volunteers who make it possible for more than 2000 players to compete each week in the vibrant leagues which provide options for everyone to play.

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