Friday, October 10, 2014


Tim Griffin, Terry Redvers, Jim Cameron and Keith Porter were all smiles as they received their awards as men's team of the year for their bronze medal performance in the 2013 Von Cramm Cup (Over 60). Cameron and Porter are the reigning World Over 60 men's doubles Champions and received the Men's Individual 2013 Seniors Excellence Award.

Muffie Grieve received the Women's Individual Award. She is the current over 80 world champion in singles and doubles. Muffie, along with Joyce Cutts and Rosie Asch of Montreal, also received the team of the year award for 2013.  They were the winners of the Doris Hart part of the Over 80 team who were the Doris Hart Cup Champions in 2013.

The Steve Stevens Senior Outdoor Nationals were hosted by the Donalda, Granite and Toronto Lawn Tennis Clubs August 16 to 23 this year. Many players from Ontario won national titles. Ontario players who placed in the top 4 or reached the doubles final in their age categories are listed below with the champion, finalists and places in order.

O35 MS Brian Ahlberg, Kevin Chang, Giovanni Schiavo (4)  MD  Chris Ritchie & Coulter Wright, Jamie Gordon & Jason Pun WS Maureen Drake, Kanta Murali, Mary Hall (4) WD Maureen Drake & Shiera Stuart (BC),  Liane Marr & Kanta Murali.

O40 MS Matthew Akman, Omer Rashid, Ben Woo (4) MD Gerry Ronan & Coulter Wright,   Paul Beck & Garett Prins  WS Jenn Bishop,  Laura Randmaa Atkinson (3)  WD Jenn Bishop & Tina Blaskovic,  Jill Gardner & Adrienne Simmons.

O45 MS  Karl Hale  MD  Paul Beck & Gary Meanchos, Mike O’Neill & Martin Lemay (QC) WD  Jill Gardner & Adrienne Simmons.

O50 MS Gary Meanchos, Kerry Mitchell (3), Graham Watt (4) MD Rob Benneyworth & Graham Watt (2) WS Alison Taylor, Cathy Litton(3) Susanna Sekely(4) WD Kathy Mueller & Dale Kozicz, Janice Hebert & Kathleen Winningham.

O55 MS Terence Robinson, Abbas Khiltash (4) MD Fraser Macdonald & Len Simard   WS Erin Boynton WD Erin Boynton & Diana Dimmer.

O60 MS Jim Cameron (2), Sergey Borodulin (3) MD Jim Cameron & Steve Yesowick (BC) Sergey Borodulin & Sydney Azancot (QC)  O60 WS  Michelle Hall (2) Christa Cameron (3)

O65 MS Tim Griffin MD Hani Ayoub & Ken Dahl(BC) , Tim Griffin & Terry Redvers WS Mary Ann Gaskin, Sue Smylie(3) WD Mary Ann Gaskin & Trish McLachlan (BC)

O70 MS John Tibbets, John Yeomans, Shaheer Mikhail  MD Shaheer Mikhail & Eric Bojesen, John Yeomans & William Berry  WS Pat Marks (4) WD Jane Seed & Louise Langston (QC) (2)

O75 MS  Guido Weber (2), Jack Wear (4)  MD Guido Weber & Horst Dammholtz (BC) WS  Inge Weber, Evelyn Hustwit (3) WD Muffie Grieve & Evelyn Hustwit, Inge Weber & Rosie Asch (QC)

O80 MS Lorne Main, Immo Von Schroeter (4) MD Robin Arnold & Philip Taylor, Lorne Main & Gordon Verge. WS  Muffie Grieve, Joyce Cutts (3) Joan Bradich (4).

O85 MS Paul Lee, Fred Metrick MD John Kaliber & Gerald Regan (NS), Paul Lee & Austin Macpherson.

The event was blessed with great weather and the hospitality from the three sites made participating in this national event a pleasure for all. Thanks go to all the staff and volunteers who made the week one to remember for everyone who played.

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