Friday, December 18, 2015


2015 OTA U10 TDC CUP

The OTA hosted the inaugural U10 TDC CUP on November 28 - 29th at the Aviva Centre.  This event was offered to provincial Tennis Development Centre’s across the province offering an opportunity for clubs to enter a team of two boys and two girls born in (2006, 2007).  The event had a total of 12 teams with 4 players per squad for a total of 48 players. Judging by the smiles in this photo a good time was had by all.


Each team played one another in their round robin group, playing a total of 3 teams during round robin preliminary play.  All matches consisted of two girls’ singles matches and one girls’ doubles match, two boys’ singles matches and one boys’ doubles match for a total of 6 matches.  Each match was timed at 40-minutes with no ad scoring on full court with the green ball; players played as many games as possible in the 40 minutes; each game won counted towards their teams total; thus, a team’s total score was accumulated of the total games won from the six matches played.  The round robin result’s during prelim competition was determined by total games won per team.  Teams were then reordered and placed in championship/consolation flights based off their team result.

The teams placed as follows:- 

1. Ontario Racquet Club. 2. Toronto Tennis Academy (WC). 3. Waterloo. 4. Toronto Tennis City. 5. ACE - Burlington #1.  6. ATI (Veneto). 7. ACE - Burlington #2. 8. Mayfair. 9. Toronto Lawn. 10. NYTA. 11. Niagara Tennis Academy. 12. Ontario Racquet Club #2.
Team Spirit Award: Toronto Lawn

Fair Play Award: Phil St. Pierre, Claire Podolsky, Edward Liu, Tea Budisic, Aakash Kapur.


The third Champions event is scheduled for Feb 12 to 15, 2016 at the Aviva Centre in Toronto. Entry deadline is February 7. For complete rules and regulations please go to and to enter go to

All players competing in the OTA Champions event must be born no later than 2006 January 1st.  Players who have won the event in past years are NOT eligible to compete in this year’s event. All competitors must be a registered OTA member. 

All players will be randomly placed in a preliminary round robin box. Players will advance to their respective flights based on their preliminary results. Full court - green dot balls. Best of three short sets up to 4, tie breaker at 3 games all up to 5

“The Champions” is the brain child of Mr. Murray Rubin, a life-long tennis enthusiast and member of the York Racquets Club in Toronto. Mr. Rubin has donated over $40,000 to “The Champions”, to be used to pay for the one-on-one coaching of the young winners and finalists, payable over a two year period. Muuray is a long time supporter of tennis in Canada and Ontario whose “goal is to help produce a Canadian world champion”. The OTA will administer the tournament and the coaching dollar grants offered to champions and finalists.