Friday, October 23, 2015


The first Miele Masters Circuit concluded on Thanksgiving weekend with the Mayfair Senior Masters. This included a special century mixed doubles event and a reception on Saturday evening at the Miele Gallery in Vaughan.

Circuit points were accumulated over 4 events and all registered Ontario players who entered singles events were automatically entered. The four events were the Ontario Senior Provincial Championships – men’s and women’s singles, held July 6 – 12, the ITF Senior Championships at Donalda – men’s and women’s singles, held July 15 – 19, the Steve Stevens Senior National Tennis Championships – men’s and women’s singles, held in Montreal August 16 – 22, and the Mayfair Senior Masters – men’s and women’s singles, held October 9 – 12.

The  special century mixed doubles event was won by Sandra Cimetta & Barry Litman (see photo right) who beat Kerry Mitchell & Glenda Hirvela (see photo left) in the finals. Semi-finalists were Ben Woo & Akemi Seiriki and James Henkelman & Cindy O’Doherty.

The winners and finalists of the singles events were:-
MS35 Dave Rowat, Vahid Tahamtan
MS45 Nels Stanfield, Mike O’Neill
WS45 Cindy O’Doherty, Nancy Lin
MS50 Gary Meanchos, James Henkelman
MS55 Kerry Mitchell, Avi Singer
WS55 Sue Bye, Rudite Loze
MS65 Peter Gonda, Brian Fung.

This event also decided the final placements in the circuit. Singles Circuit Winners will receive Miele Gourmet Dinners and Prize money, Second Place will receive a Tennis Canada Prize Pack and Third Place players an OTA/Sponsor Prize Pack.

The final standings in the Miele Senior Circuit are
35 s   Dave Rowat, Vahid Tahamtan, Dane Smith              
40s    Jason Christie, George Virich, Catalin Codita           
45s    Mike O'Neill, Karl Hale, Jorey Middlestadt & John Murray (Tied)
50s    Gary Meanchos, James Jeffrey Henkelman, Kerry Mitchell
55s    Kerry Mitchell, Avi Singer, Paul Bedard
60s    Sergey Borodulin, Joe Novak, Rosti Brankovsky     
65s    Peter Gonda, John Payne, Brian Fung         
35s    Kanta Murali,  Jennifer Bishop, Liane Marr               
40s    Jennifer Bishop, Paula Myslivecek, Sophia Lynn Ronan
45s    Cindy O’Doherty, Nancy Lin, Janet Hofstra
50s   Erin Boynton,  Janet Vivian Bulger, Kelly Stobbe
55s   Erin Boynton,  Sue Bye, Charlotte Deheinrich
60s   Michelle Hall, Frances Critchley, Natalia Borodulin               
65s   Mary Ann Gaskin,  Cathie Joyce      

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this exciting addition to senior competitive tennis and look out for the Miele Senior Circuit announcements for 2016 to make sure you enter the events that make up the circuit, we expect there to be more opportunities to participate in year two!

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