Thursday, September 17, 2015


Miele Masters Series 

There is still time to enter the final event in the Miele Masters Series to be held Oct 9 to 11 at Mayfair West, Parkway and East. This event is for singles for players of all age categories (5 year breaks) from over 35 to over 65 and includes two special features - a century (combined age over 100) mixed doubles event and a special player reception hosted by Miele at the Miele Gallery in Vaughan. Click on Tournament information to get all the entry details!

Ontario Seniors at Nationals

The Steve Stevens Senior Nationals was played in Montreal the week of August 16 to 22. With more than 400 participants matches were held at 5 clubs with most finals being held at Mount Royal Tennis Club. The other clubs used were Cote St.Luc, Monkland &Woodlands Tennis Clubs.

Congratulations go to the following Ontario players placed in the top 4 in singles or reached the finals in doubles.
MD35 Cameron Cross (& Philippe Pourreaux) (Ch) 
WS 35 Kanta Murali (F) Liane Marr (4)  WD35 Kanta Murali & Liane Marr (Ch)
WS40 Jennifer Bishop (Ch) Sophie Ronan (F), WD40 Jennifer Bishop & Sophie Ronan (Ch)
MD 45 Mike O’Neill (& Martin Lemay) (F)
WS 45 Lucie Lean (F)
MS 50 Gary Meanchos (4)  Gary Meanchos (& Nigel O’Rourke) (Ch)
WS50 Kathy Mueller (4)
MS55 Kerry Mitchell (Ch), Colin McAlpin (F),  MD 55 Fraser Macdonald (& Robert Exell)(Ch)
WD55 Janice Hebert & Susanna Sekely (F)
MS60 Keith Porter (Ch) Rosti Brankovsky (3)  James Cameron (& Steve Yesowick) (Ch), Dennis Ing & Keith Porter (F) WS 60 Michelle Hall (F), Christa Cameron (4), Christa & Michelle (Ch)
MS65 Tim Griffin (Ch)
WS 65 Mary Ann Gaskin (Ch) WD65 Mary Ann Gaskin (& Patricia McLachlan) (F)
MS70 John Tibbits (F), Shaheer Mikhail (4) MD70 Hani Ayoub (& William Berry) (F)
WS 70 Gisela Nouisser (F), WD 70 Jane Seed (& Louise Langston)  (Ch)
MS 75 Guido Weber (F) MD 75 Guido Weber (& Horst Dammholz) (F) 
WS 75 Inge Weber (Ch), Muffie Grieve (2), Evelyn Hustwit (3). (see photo L to R)
MS80 Bob Bedard (Ch) MS85 Lorne Main (Ch)

Photos of this event can be accessed from the Canada Seniors Tennis Facebook page.

Super-seniors leaving soon for Croatia

Several Ontario Players going to Umag and Novigrad, Croatia for the Super Seniors (65 and over) ITF Team Tennis Championships. We wish them safe travels and the best of luck! They are:-

Coby Dommasch, Mary Ann Gaskin, Tim Griffin, Lorne Main, Shaheer Mikhail,  John Payne, John Tibbits, Guido Weber.  TSN prepared a video on Lorne Main which aired during the Rogers Cup....check it out at

Video on Lorne Main

 TSN prepared a video on Lorne Main which aired during the Rogers Cup....check it out at
LorneMainvideo  (you will have to watch ads, another news item (Kraft project) and intro before you get the video).

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